Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cricut Lites

For the past few months over at the Cricut Circle message board a lot of the ladies have been finding the Cricut lites for $20. Walmart was selling them for $39 and you were only allowed to buy them there and I never pay more than $25 for a cartridge, so I was never able to buy any of the lites.
Well today when I went to Walmart I finally found the lites for $20 each! Inspired Heart was $5! The lites I found are the first ones that came out and I was hoping to find the new ones, but no luck. I even went to two other Walmarts around my area. The 2nd Walmart I went to didn’t have the lites on sale and the 3rd Walmart didn’t have them at all.
I am so happy to own a few more lites.


  1. you will love them: Splish Splash is my go to for tags now, lacy labels has great sentiments and well I love the LITES

  2. Wow! Great bargains!! Have fun!
    Just a quick note to let you know I left some blog awards for you over on my blog!!
    ♥ Laura ♥