Thursday, July 14, 2011


As many of you know, I belong to a sorority called Sigma Lambda Gamma. This is where I get my blog name from (Gamma is our nickname) :) In sororities you have a big and later on you get your own little. I joined the sorority in Fall 2007 and I got my first and only little in Fall 2008. As sisters we make each other things and I have been wanting to finish this paddle for my little and I finally finished. It takes time because when you buy the materials to make the paddle everything is not colored and you have to glue everything on the paddle.
In my sorority we each have our own little family and I belong in Las Divas, so the paddle has a lot of bling.
My lighting in my room is not that great, so sorry for the bad quality pictures.
Since I made my blog way after I gave my little in my sorority her gifts, I still would like to share them with you all.
During the process of becoming a Gamma, you are told who your big is in a ceremony and you get gifts from your big. These are the gifts I gave my little during the ceremony.
Close ups of some of the gifts in her bag...
Once my little became a sister, I gave her some more gifts.I forgot to take close ups:(

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