Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Circle Pal

I made these two cards for my circle pal. I didn’t want to post them up yet until she received her package, but since I had a few problems with the post office (not shipping it to the correct location and not notifying me), I figured that I can share them since she will be getting her package tomorrow I hope.
This is the 1st package she sent me in December.


  1. Hey Yvette,
    You mad some really great cards! And your package you got in December looks awesome. Had a quick question. What is a circle pal? Are you part of the Cricut Circle? Is it worth it?

  2. I am part of the cricut circle and I don't have any regrets joining. Someone over at the circle started circle pals and we send our pal 2 packages per month of things that we enjoy using or things our pal likes.