Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I had so much fun making this project because I got the idea from the Oriental Trading Crafts catalogue. They always have cute projects for kids to make and when I saw a tree made out of snowflakes, I just had to make one. It took some trial and error, but to get the beads to stay, you have to use lots of glue. I used a hot glue gun and continued layering the tree until I knew that each bead was stuck.
 Other Views
Cartridge Used: Winter Lace (Snowflakes were cut from 2-6 inches. I added 1/2 inches every time.)

Mini Tutorial
I used chipboard to cut out the snowflakes. (my mom is always able to get the chipboard that comes in business packages from work and gives them to me)
I then cut the snowflakes in glitter paper and glued them onto the chipboard. Once everything adhered, I got some flat beads and hot glued them to the center of each snowflake.


  1. I love glitter paper!! Super cute! Christina

  2. Really cute project! I'd like to try to make this

  3. Girl..this is fantastic. Love the colors that you used for the snowflakes. That bow wow you have to teach me how to make pretty bows like that! Great job, when this is gasped and was in aw...Love this great job and TFS

  4. Love this! Such a great idea! Might have to try this with my kids! They would love to do this!
    Thanks for sharing